Today's Solution to Yesterday's Pain

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Today's Solution to Yesterday's Pain

Past Testimonials

I have been dealing with upper extremity numbness and pain for the past year. I finally decided to take care of myself and begin therapy. Modern Rehab has such a welcoming environment & knowledgeable staff. After working with Jamie for a few weeks, my numbness was significantly minimized and I finally began sleeping through the night! My home exercises are easy to follow and I truly believe this is keeping me pain and numbness free today.

Jennifer D. 11/22/13

Modern Rehab’s staff is amazing!! It is comforting to me as a patient to receive the kind of care I am excited enough about to want to share (my experience) with others. The staff is friendly, professional, fun and takes an interest in their clients. I felt well equipped and prepared for my home regimen and motivated to follow it. I realized how important this was thanks to good patient education. The environment and general climate at Modern Rehab made it easy to come to therapy and while I am excited to be feeling stronger and pain-free. I will miss Modern Rehab.

Jessica G 11/18/13

I came in with “Golfer’s Elbow”. Jamie spent our first session evaluating my situation and decided that the problem was probably caused by my shoulder. The next three weeks we worked on both the arm and shoulder. Jamie was very professional and positive throughout the sessions. Went to the driving range last Saturday and my arms is better! The shoulder is building strength also.

Alan M. 8/26/13

I thought Modern Rehab was pretty excellent. I had 8/10 pain originally and now down to 2/10! I loved the music, atmosphere and friendly staff. I felt that I was very well taken care of. The workout and stretching exercises were very beneficial.

Stephen P. K. 7/11/13

Over 30 Years of Combined Experience

Over 30 Years of Combined Experience