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Top Physical Therapy Clinics in Meridian 2015

Today's Solution to Yesterday's Pain

Top Physical Therapy Clinics in Meridian 2015

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Welcome to Modern Rehab Physical Therapy where we pride ourselves in coming up with today's solutions for yesterday's pain.

Paul Vinci PT, MPT, CEO

A graduate of Idaho State University’s 1995 Masters of Physical Therapy program, Paul has spent the last 18 years sharpening his skills as a therapist. Having practiced in hospitals (Pocatello, ID; Elko, NV; Bullhead City, AZ), a Worker’s Compensation specialty clinic (Tempe, AZ), and other sports medicine facilities have allowed for a broad exposure to the practice of physical therapy.His early passion for sports brought him from Southern California to Caldwell and the College of Idaho.

As an exercised based rehabilitation specialist, Paul employs manual techniques such as myofascial release and soft tissue and joint mobilizations to help restore normal rhythm and balance to affected joints and promote improved mobility. The evidence based approach at Modern Rehab allows Paul and others to move forward with confidence that the treatment administered is the standard of practice, not only here in Idaho, but across the country.

Paul still participates in soccer and volleyball recreationally. His wife and two children bring a joy to his life that he shares with those he treats.

Jamie Weishaar PT, MPT, COO

Jamie, born and raised in South Dakota, migrated to Kansas City to complete his Masters in Physical Therapy, graduating in 2002. After therapy school, professional interest and opportunity led him to the west coast of California where he started his Physical Therapy career and developed his knowledge in outpatient Physical Therapy. He and his family resided in the Treasure Valley since 2011.

As a clinician at Modern Rehab, Jamie prides himself on delivering evidence based manual techniques with functional based individualized exercise programs. He has a broad therapy experience and expertise that spans from infants to the geriatric patient population.

Attending yearly continuing education courses is vital in the process of evolving as a physical therapist. Jamie’s goal is to not only provide top-quality therapy service designed to help his patients achieve the highest level of activity and function, but to ultimately empower his patient’s through comprehensive education to prevent re-injury.

In addition to providing top quality therapy Jamie enjoys spending time with his wife and children. He loves sports, especially basketball, football and fishing. Virtually any free time he has is devoted to remaining active in the community, his family and any outdoor activity.

Currently he is in training for the ultimate race… the race of life!

Cassidy Fike PT TECH

Cassidy is from Lewiston, Idaho and came to Boise to is pursue a degree in Exercise Science at Boise State University. With this degree, she plans on applying to Physical Therapy school after graduation. Her interest in becoming a Physical Therapist came about in high school where she was involved in various sports and overcame multiple injuries with Physical Therapy. Also, she finds joy in talking and helping people reach their goals!

She enjoys being apart of the Modern Rehab crew and spending time with friends and family. When she is not doing these activities, you may find her at the gym, shopping, or just loving life!

Dustin Murphy PT TECH

Dustin was born in Virginia then shortly afterwards moved to Boise. He was raised in Boise for all of his life and has most of his family living in the surrounding area. He loves playing sports, especially basketball, but enjoys anything outside. Having been exposed to injuries himself, Dustin hopes to speed up the healing process for all patients and keep them educated about how to prevent re-injury.

Dustin is currently attending Boise State University and will be graduating in May 2015 with a bachelors degree in Health Sciences. After obtaining his bachelors degree, Dustin will be applying for Physical Therapy school and looking to work in the Boise area.

Over 30 Years of Combined Experience

Over 30 Years of Combined Experience